Absent Without Leaving

It’s come to my attention that the short lay off I’ve had from cathartic regurgitation of the thoughts, opinions and irreverent observations that make up the contents of my head has stretched from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Whilst it seems tritely pretentious to refer to the people reading this as “my readers” or even “Dear readers” considering my ‘following’ is currently at the barely legal end of double figures – although Serendipidy must count as at least two or three as she is my #1 fan (thank you Boston) – it doesn’t seem right to jump straight back in without some kind of explanation; it just lacks continuity and that messes with my natural OCD. Besides, I’m not exactly “jumping back in” really, at this point I’m simply fabricating a posting through mellifluously flowing phraseology based around the reasons behind my lack of postings in recent months in order to fill a gap; a bit like a cheap hack who creates a story out nothing more than the speculative assumptions derived from out-of-context comments made by celebrities, or the stories sports writers invent about transfers during the summer break in the English Premier League – basically, it’s just content without much substance – but well written and enjoyable to read I hope.

The reason for my inactivity isn’t down to lack of ideas – that cerebral brood of pestering little bastards constantly keep me awake at night – no, I have plenty of ideas. I intended on doing a follow up to Expressions Of Interest and an illustrated posting showing famous characters from the world of English football and their lookalikes (I spent an hour deciding whether I should turn Arsene Wenger into Darth Vader or Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s before I realised I really had other more important stuff to do). I have a half written posting about the pro’s and con’s of work experience for the young based off having an intern of my own, and I even considered changing my Avatar and writing a eulogy and introduction to my new graphic icon. And of course my blog wouldn’t be my blog unless I took my usual descent into indulgent foolishness, which I intend on doing when I write my musings on attractive celebrity women I would and wouldn’t like to date and the reasons why. So you see there’s no shortage of quality ideas in my mind, just a shortage of time. However, one thing I will not be doing is extending the lengthy commentary on the much belated and debated passing of Margaret Thatcher – it’s been done to death (no pun intended). Instead I’m simply going to re-blog a wordy but well written posting from a place called ‘Another Angry Voice’ just to satiate the appetite of those across the pond who may be interested in reading an unsentimental view of the Iron Lady’s legacy to Britain.

So perhaps you’re wondering how you can be 489 words and three paragraphs in to this posting and still have no idea why I’ve not been posting recently… then again perhaps you’re not. Perhaps you got bored already and didn’t get this far, in which case this whole section is redundant to you; but simply put, I just haven’t had the time. Since the turn of the year I’ve been stuck in the middle of a post-graduate teacher training course known in England as a PGCE. This course is full time and usually runs over two years, but I’m one of a few students who have taken the first 1 year PGCE – which is known to be a pretty tough course to do over two years let along one – whilst continuing to work pretty much full time. This has been very hard, not least because I’ve had to squeeze in a spell of home renovation, management of family drama’s and a domestic dispute between me and my local council, and another between me, Advantage Car Hire and the traffic authorities in Rome. I’m not trying to illicit sympathy here – being a kiddie-in-the-middle I gave up on that before puberty – no, these are just some of the travails of life that beset us all and these particular travails are the reasons for my lack of postings. However, I have two months to run on my course and I’m slightly ahead of the game, so I think I’m ready to make another contribution. I’ll start off with how the year began – dealing with the traffic authorities in Rome and Advantage Car Rental. Well not exactly dealing with them, but their number one fan on Tripadvisor – Dbabe, fierce advocate of the responsibility and obligation of consumers to read Terms & Conditions!


One thought on “Absent Without Leaving

  1. Glad you are alive and well! Wondered now and again if you’d quit and I should unlink you but since no one was clamoring for the spot, I let it be. At least it’s finally almost spring.

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