A Loss of Faith.

There is a lovely Muslim woman whom I teach English to in an entry level beginners class who prays [religiously] half way through every lesson. Today the  class had a test and I caught her cheating – not once, not twice, but three times! She denied profusely despite me looking straight at her from less than two yards away.

Earlier this week it was reported that Reverend Paul Flowers – the ex-Chief Executive of the Co-operative Bank (an ethical bank apparently) – was caught buying crystal meth and cocaine from an undercover reporter; today it was revealed that he also swindled £75,000 from the Lifeline charity (but they didn’t tell anybody about it until now).

Also in the news, MP Dennis McShane swindled £13,000 of British taxpayers money in bogus expense claims (who want’s to bet he doesn’t do as much time as the 18 months that a young man from Salford did for his first offence of stealing a bottle of vodka from a shop during the England ‘riots’ in 2011?).

MacShane resigned as an MP last year before he could face punishment for submitting fake receipts amounting to £12,900 of taxpayers’ money.

The Independent

In recent history it has been revealed that many Catholic priests have been fiddling with young boys for centuries and many Imams brutally beat young Muslim boys for misbehaving in the Mosque. For decades Evangelists have been fleecing £millions from desperate and gullible morons (that’s ‘morons’ not ‘Mormons’) in the USA in the name of God; politicians have been robbing the poor via the public purse to feed the industries of corporations so the Executives of those corporations can exploit the even poorer in developing countries and swell their own already swollen tax-free bank accounts; Jimmy Savile (a British Knight of the Realm and tireless charity worker) and a whole host of our favourite childhood icons from the seventies have been sexually abusing children for decades – even our footballing heroes cheat the ref and dive all over the place to win matches. All this and people wonder why I’m cynical!

In a world of abundance in education, technology, wealth and natural resources, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is the End of Days. Have no respect for faith or status, believe in your eyes, ears and most of all, your gut feeling.


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