It’s Worse Than You Think: or why you should care about poverty, jobs and income inequality

There’s something rotten in the state of… well not Denmark as Hamlet rightly suspected but in the state in general. Amongst some the mood is growing that this Capitalism thing has run its course and it’s time to think of a better way. An interesting read courtesy of Tara Hunt – and she works in marketing!


3 thoughts on “It’s Worse Than You Think: or why you should care about poverty, jobs and income inequality

    • It’s not much better over here. I’m still young enough to remember what the wages were 20 years ago when I graduated and they haven’t really increased in line with the cost of everything in real terms, despite what the statistics may suggest. Our government let in hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants, which in itself when you look on the surface of it, is a really compassionate act. However the additional population puts a huge strain on resources in the areas where these migrants are housed – areas where the politicians and their wealthy associates don’t have to live. Then, due to their desperation to find work, they are very cheap to employ, so when native workers then suggest that they cannot cope with the rising cost of living due to stagnated incomes, the politicians and corporate employers point to migrants and say ‘well look at these people; they’re going out to work and managing to survive’. It’s pretty disgraceful. I genuinely fear the threat of some sort of Orwellian future sometimes. The way many of the public are duped into being divided and blaming each other is also a bit worrying. This ain’t the future I expected to be living in.

      • It’s the same hear … including a real backlash against immigrants … which is pretty ironic considering all Americans who are Native Americas ARE immigrants or the direct descendants of immigrants. There are jobs … but they are crappy jobs on which you can’t support anyone. Jobs without futures, without advancement. I too remember when people actually GOT raises. No one gets raises anymore. Whatever your starting pay is where is stays. Best case scenario, you get to keep your job and aren’t replaced by a machine, eliminated by cutbacks, or replaced by someone younger and cheaper.

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