Me, My Selfie and I


Oh selfie oh selfie
Such self loving ain’t healthy
But by God I can’t help me
How I love me endlessly.
iPhone prepped nice and steady,
Prepared pout and pose ready,
In a club somewhere trendy
With my girls who’re my Besties.
With some guys who just met me,
In a toilet nonchalantly,
Silly face or seriously,
Or just me being me.
In my room getting ready,
Half naked, in flagrante,
Showing off my hot body
And my big bubble booty.
The people will love me
Repost and promote me.
They’ll all look and see me.
They’ll all want to be me.
Everybody will watch me
Nobody can stop me
Oh selfie oh selfie
How I love me endlessly.



4 thoughts on “Me, My Selfie and I

  1. Never done that. I don’t have a phone with a camera. Also, I seldom turn the phone on. Still haven’t figured out how to retrieve messages. I guess I’m not very funny?

    • I confess to indulging in a fair amount of arms length selfies in my time. It seems a waste not to take advantage of the lengthy length of my long arms and the ability I have to capture myself and whoever else is in said selfies, or just the accompanying scenery, in perfect 3×3 composition. What I’ve never done is posted said selfies on Twitter or Instagram to share with my very small world. My selfies are, as the name should also imply, just for myself 😉

      • I’m not sure I want to see that much of myself. Think I’ll just stick to youffys or other peoples selfies.

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