Specially Brewed Just For You

So, it’s been a while since I put fingertips to keypad and aired my thoughts into the ‘blogosphere’. As the time between my last and my next posting lengthened, finding the inspiration to write something worthy of a ten minute read that didn’t require an effort of concentration on my part has been difficult. But here I am, sat on a Ryanair flight to Budapest and the most unlikely of things have spurred me into action. The menu card. Well not the menu card itself, but the copy accompanying the advertised ‘gourmet’ hot coffee they have for sale at €3.00 a pop.

I could probably go into an intellectual examination of the exaggerated claims (lies) that advertisers and traders get away with to peddle their products, but if you can read then I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to be aware of that obvious fact. But every now and then you see something that makes you think ‘Aw cmon, please!’ My ‘cmon, please’ moment was the copy describing the Lavazza coffee. The ‘gourmet’ Lavazza coffee. A budget airline coffee that comes with a ‘unique’ lid that means that your coffee comes ‘freshly brewed just for you’. Wow! I have to have one of those.


Well check that out people – the SUPRLID. Aren’t you blown away? I want to ask the air stewardess if this amazing and unique piece of technical engineering – a lid with a piece of gauze and a raised edge – was developed by NASA. I was so excited by the idea that I was using the same space age hardware used by astronauts. I was even more excited by the idea that Ryanair had created my personal profile based on the information given when buying my flight ticket and brewed a fresh coffee just for me. Not for anyone, no, just for me. Awesome. Totally awesome. I mean, how do they manage to brew a coffee specifically for me? These guys at Ryanair must be like, wizards or something.

I didn’t get to ask the air stewardess if the SUPRLID was developed by NASA or if it was used by astronauts. I didn’t find out how Ryanair collated information to make personal profiles of its passengers in order to provide us with bespoke hot beverages either. My daughter wouldn’t let me ask – she pleaded with me not to ask actually. However, I must admit that the coffee was quite tasty. It was by no means a great coffee, but it wasn’t the usual warm brown dishwater that’s usually served up on a plane either. I’m not sure that the ‘brewed just for you’ crew at Ryanair got it quite right with my personal profiling as it would have tasted more like a milky frothed up Douwe Egberts with demerara sugar, but if I was on a space mission for six months, living on food from a tube, then it would have tasted pretty damn good.



2 thoughts on “Specially Brewed Just For You

  1. I’ve always thought that Lavazza, of all the overpriced coffees, is THE most over priced. Not because it’s the most expensive, but because for the price, it’s the most mediocre. I love coffee, but mostly, I love MY coffee. Or Garry’s coffee. Because we now how to make a good pot of coffee. Starbucks tastes burnt. Labazza tastes like dirty water with a hint of coffee. Dunkin Donuts gets it right about 50% of the time, the rest of the time it’s weak.

    I’m a coffee snob. Yet, in a pinch (or an airplane), I’ll drink anything. Addicted is addicted.

    Lavazza is our “service along the highway” coffee. If you don’t want to get off the main road to look for someplace better, you get Lavazza. I haven’t been ON an airplane in about 7 years. I guess a few things have changed. Lavazza is probably an improvement.

    • I’m more a tea man myself. Coffee always smells better than it tastes. But when you’re in the decompression chamber of a charter plane’s cabin after spending two hours im an air conditioned complex prior to queuing and checking and xrays and swabbing (the joys of post 9/11 flying), anything with taste seems to work, irrespective of the taste! But ‘specially brewed just for you’ – gtfoh!

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